03 : About LootPunks


  LootPunks are NFTs on the BSC blockchain. Each of these 100,000 LootPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system.


The RoadMap of LootPunks have three stages

The Mint - community rewards and donations linked to mint milestones

The Explorer - dev an LootPunks explorer & LootPunks Online Virtual Gallery

The Dao - dev an self-governance system & LootPunks Games

The Mint

Each 500 LootPunks Minted,2 Minter will have a chance to win 0.5 BNB each, 10 Minter will have a chance to win 0.1 BNB each

10% Mint
  • Random airdrop of 100 LootPunks to early minter
25% Mint
  • New Marketing,Shills,Influencers.
50% Mint
  • Donate 50 BNB to a charity,chosen by the community from a set of proposals
75% Mint
  • Reveal a project to bring LootPunks to the Next Level!
100% Mint
  • Another 50 BNB donation to a charity chosen by the community

The Explorer

The develop of LootPunks Explorer has been start from the very beginning. The explorer offers the community an immersive visual experience for navigating, sorting and filtering the entire collection.

  • Rarity Explorer,show the rarity of Each LootPunks
  • Enable Image dynamic view and filter
  • Create an OnLine Virtual Gallery(3D)
  • Mobile friendly explorer

The Dao

The LootPunks you own represents a stake in the forthcoming LootDao

  • Owning an LootPunk represents a stake in the forthcoming LootDao